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Welcome To SynapticPath WIKI

We have creted these pages to give the SynapticPath online community a place where they can find documentation of not only SynapticPath products, but also documents generated by the community for the community.

The primary goal of this WIKI is to make life easier for the WEB application developer. All of SynapticPath products are here for the same purpose - to help you build great-looking and maintainable web applications faster and easier. Together with this wiki we hope to create the ultimate WEB application developer's resource.

SynapticPath currently offers two products :

JavaScript Extension Tookit JSX

JSX is a JavaScript library that consists of rich DHTML widgets but also a framework that brings common design patterns to JavaScript. Rich, loosely coupled and maintainable enterprise grade applications are possible with JSX.

SynapticFaces JSF components

Leverages the strengths of Java Server Faces and our JSX framework to bring to the JSF rich JavaScript enabled components and framework elements for the developer to be able to quickly and easily piece together a high quality enterprise application. SynapticFaces also contain a very flexible AJAX solution for JSF along with some of the most versatile AJAX JSF components you'll be able to find.

Getting Started

See the GettingStarted page on information on downloading and installing the JSX and SynapticFaces.

Once installed, you'll find various tutorials and documentation pages at the JSX, and the SynapticFaces wiki section.