JavaScript Extension Toolkit
Synaptic Faces

JSX, The JavaScript Extension Toolkit

Although the core of the product is a cross-browser JavaScript library, we have integrated framework elements that allow you to easily build rich desktop-style applications (RIA, or WEB 2.0) running on any browser of your choice.
We have succeeded where others still try.

Product features
  • Tailored for major web development platforms such as Java Server Faces or .NET
  • Features true OO style inheritance
  • Introduces "private" members to JavaScript.
  • Java style packages to reduce container footprint.
  • On-demand package loading
  • Component selection framework
  • Drag & drop framework
  • AJAX engine
  • Expression language support
  • Client-side localization
We have put great effort to ensure that all of the scripts are stable and more importantly LEAK FREE. The result is a rock solid product that rivals Microsoft's Atlas, Google's GWT, Dojo, or Prototype. It doesn't take a long time to realize that anything is possible with JSX.

JSX product demonstration pages