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On these pages you will find the showcase of components and capabilities of JSX, The JavaScript Extension Toolkit. Full documentation can be found on our wiki and help on our forum.

JSX, The JavaScript Extension toolkit is a cross-browser open source JavaScript library enhanced by an AJAX engine and application framework elements with aim to ease the development of large-scale enterprise grade web applications. JSX is engineered to integrate with today's major web application frameworks such as the Java Server Faces or .NET. The JavaScript Extension toolkit is licensed under the GPL software license.

The entire library falls into four sections:

  • JavaScript extensions and enhancements.
  • Form validation framework as well as other html form enhancements.
  • Application Framework elements and other utilities.
  • JSX Enhanced Widgets
Following is a set of most notable features of JSX:

Cross-Browser functions

The JSX relies on a solid foundation of functions that erase the differences between different makes of web browsers.

JavaScript Extensions

  • jsxPackage - allows the developer to bundle code into logical packages (modules).
  • jsxImport - allows the developer to bind JavaScript objects together.
  • jsxClass - finally easy and reliable way to achieve OO type inheritance in JavaScript.

Utility objects

Very similar in function to the "java.util.*" package in Java, following JSX utility package objects make your life easier:

  • Collection
  • Iterator
  • Map
  • Tree

Validation Framework

Form field validation is generally a weak spot of javascript libraries. JSX features a flexible, localizable, and extensible validation framework.

Event Routing

To facilitate loosely coupled application architecture, JSX features an Event Routing Engine. The engine is responsible for delivering browser as well as custom events to various components of your application. The Event Routing Engine features:

  • event filtering
  • event bubbling
  • event capturing

AJAX engine

Advanced wrapper of XMLHttpRequest integrates with the event router to make asynchronous communication with server-side application easy.


Easy to use API to allow the development of rich desktop style application with selectable components.

Drag and Drop

JSX has flexible drag & drop framework that can handle multiple dragging contexts.

DHTML widgets

JSX widgets are great looking components that consist of JavaScript code backed by a CSS stylesheet for easy customization.

  • Date selector component
  • Tooltip component